COVID Response

Transform Physical Therapy & Pilates 


We will be looking out for our collective safety at all times. Thank you in advance for your patience and compliance.

What we are doing differently:

  • Only two clients will be allowed in the office at any one time.
  • Sessions will be staggered by 10 minutes and will be 55 minutes long to allow for more time to disinfect between consecutive clients.
  • Forehead temperature will be checked upon arrival.
  • Therapists will be responsible for signing clients’ attendance sheets.
  • Privacy screen will remain down if there is more than one client being treated at the same time.
  • Equipment has been rearranged to increase spacing between therapists and clients.
  • We will wear face masks and wash/sanitize our hands between every client.
  • Equipment and props will be thoroughly cleaned between sessions with a disinfectant spray approved by the EPA to kill the novel Coronavirus.
  • Handles and loops have been replaced with easier to clean versions. Wipeable neoprene handles replaced the foam ones and wipeable vinyl loop covers will cover the cotton padded loops.
  • Signage, hand and pen sanitizers, cup and paper towel dispensers, and a new water filtration system have been installed.

What we need you to do differently:

  • Please remain in your car until shortly before your appointment begins.  We will not allow more than 2 clients in the office at the same time.
  • Face masks must be worn inside the office.
  • Handwashing is required before your session. If a personal item is touched (cell phone, etc.) after you’ve already washed your hands, hand sanitizer must be applied.   If wearing gloves when entering, gloves must be washed or cleaned with hand sanitizer.
  • Please have your payments ready in advance to avoid delaying the next appointment.
  • When your session is over please wash your hands and try to leave the office in a timely manner so that others can arrive.
  • Please remember no shoes are allowed in the studio, except in the waiting and bathroom areas.