“I went to see Kimberly Ganz after suffering from a debilitating scoliosis condition complicated by herniated discs. I was unable to sit, stand, walk or lie down comfortably. After seeing an orthopedic surgeon, a neurologist, a physical therapist, an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, and a pain medicine specialist, I had no substantial or lasting improvement in my condition. I turned to Kim who was able to break down what specific positions and movements caused my sciatica. She adapted exercises to create a home exercise program for me with over 40 Pilates and Schroth exercises with variations. Kim was essential in restoring my ability to live my life again.”

“When I came to Kimberly Ganz for scoliosis therapy, my spine was curved, my shoulders and hips were uneven, my right foot turned out when I walked and my ribs had moved down into my waistline. My therapy continues, but my spine is less curved, my shoulders and hips are more even, my foot no longer turns out and my ribs have moved up. I am thrilled!”

“Kim Ganz is a rarity. Her skills as a Pilates instructor and physical therapist truly make her unique. She diagnoses the problem, and with much creative innovation, creates an individualized program. It works! I have been a client/patient for almost two wonderful years. My hip/knee problem is not 100% better and never will be. However, it is 100% improved. My aging posture feels and looks better, at least to me. I have taken Pilates for about eight years. No one compares to Kim. So, between my hip/knee and spine, Kim and I are very busy and, happily so.”

“My decision to begin a professionally managed Pilates training program was a life altering experience. In a few short weeks it was obvious that building your core strength with a focus on alignment and flexibility can significantly arrest the aging process, improve your overall health and well-being, and give you an exciting new lease on life. It was perhaps the best investment decision of my career.”

“I started Pilates training with Kimberly four months ago. I walked away from the first session, really enjoying my first Pilates experience. Now after four months, I feel so much better, stronger, and healthier. I used to have a problem with my back, but since beginning Pilates, my back feels much better. In addition to feeling better, I lost weight and slimmed down. I enjoy every single session because Kimberly makes each session feel new, like it’s my first time. You never know what to expect next. There’s always a new exercise or twist. Kimberly is an amazing teacher and I trust her 100%. I never worry because I know that she controls every detail. There is only one upsetting thing–the fact that the hour goes by so quickly. The sessions are intense, powerful, exciting and before you know it, the session is over.”

“To Whom It May concern:
I am an orthopedic surgeon, in private practice in New York City. We had the pleasure of having Kim work with us for five years as our full time physical therapist. She was invariably professional in her contact with the patients. Her work was outstanding.
The patients were equally enthusiastic about the care they received from her. It is a pleasure to recommend her both personally and professionally, without reservation.”
E.S.C., M.D.

“I am a professional musician in New York specializing in the training of singers, both on Broadway and the Operatic Stage. I unfortunately had to undergo surgery to correct a bone spur in my shoulder and had the good fortune to find myself under the care of Kimberly Ganz. Often one has little or no choice in therapists, and I was nervous at first. As my profession requires I play the piano for hours at a time, my shoulder mobility was crucial, not to mention simply managing normal everyday tasks. I need not have worried. Kimberly proved to be very skilled and exceptional at manipulating my “stubborn” joints. Because of her, I now have no restrictions with my movement and am very pleased with the result. She explains “at home” exercises clearly and answers questions graciously. I was happy to work with her while she was still in NY, as she will soon be moving to Florida. I highly recommend Kimberly Ganz as an outstanding physical therapist. You will be in good hands.”

“Ms. Kimberly Ganz has been a therapist with my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. E. Crane, for a number of years. Ms. Ganz treated me for arthritis of the knees prior to and following double knee replacement surgery. I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been to work with Kim. At 85 years old, I find that not all therapists really take care of their patients. Kim is an exception. She is compassionate, humorous and so competent, that I highly recommend her to anyone seeking physical therapy.”

“Kimberly Ganz, Physical Therapist, is a competently skilled practitioner, knowledgeable in her profession, concerned and caring about her patients, bolstering their hopes of complete recovery with positive attitudes and encouraging words. They have reason to feel that they are in very good hands. Having come to Kim with a badly frozen shoulder, my progress is proof that it was my good fortune to have found such skilled therapeutic treatment for my condition. Be assured that it will be the same for all the patients who will recover with her gracious help in the future. Kim’s relocation from New York to Florida leaves me sad, but most grateful for an excellent therapist and a new found friend.”
Sister E.K.