At Transform Physical Therapy & Pilates we offer rehabilitation, fitness conditioning, and athletic performance training. Our physical therapists provide one-to-one sessions for a full hour to deliver personal attention and professional care. We specialize in bridging the gap between rehabilitation and fitness by instructing patients how to exercise with confidence and control.


Our rehabilitation services include a wide range of manual and movement therapy. Manual treatments such as massage, mobilization, and myofascial release are provided to alleviate pain and accelerate healing while therapeutic exercises are prescribed to restore movement and function. We implement Pilates and Schroth based exercise programs for optimal results and a lasting recovery.


Post rehabilitation programs are offered for those recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. Transitioning from rehab to fitness requires safe exercise selection, instruction and progression. Our years of physical therapy experience enable us to expertly modify exercises to gradually restore strength, flexibility and function.


Our Pilates fitness sessions are filled with challenging and innovative exercises that engage the mind and transform the body. Our clients appreciate our creative choreography, clear instruction and attention to detail. We provide beginner and advanced level training to help our clients reach their goals, which range from losing weight and getting back in shape to achieving peak fitness and enhancing sports performance.